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Springhill Leisure Club get 356 new members in 7 weeks: Health Awareness Campaign

If you would like new members for your health club or gym, this article may piqu...

The Oaks Hotel Leisure Club get 520 new members in only 8 weeks during Health Awareness Campaign

48% Facebook. 18% Direct Mail. 15% Referrals. 10% Instagram. 4% Google - The mar...

Juvenate Health Club get 260 new members in only 7 weeks during Health Awareness Campaign

If you’re looking to increase the members in your gym or health club, then you m...

Ardoe House gains £450K in gross membership revenue using Creative Fitness Marketing

It is no easy task running a hotel. Between juggling accommodation services, the...

Local leisure centre gets 351 new members in 6 weeks

As a fitness industry professional, you will relate to the tribulations faced by...

How Feel Good Mercure generated £28,000 on a gym open day

You’re about to read something that could give your health club the boost it nee...