Success story: Fit24 get 72 new members in one day

Fit24 Seaham achieved a milestone during their recent Club Open Day, welcoming 72 new members in just one day. This achievement underscores the importance of well-organised events that not only enhance gym membership but also create a positive impact on existing members.

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Fit24 is a splendid establishment under the ownership of Jack Burton, who owns multiple sites across the UK. Not only is the club kitted out with state-of-the-art equipment, friendly staff, and a large range of fitness classes on offer, the aesthetics create a motivating ambiance that has a way of inspiring you to embark on your fitness journey the moment you step through the door.

Like most business owners, Jack outsources some of his gym marketing activities, including a recent Health Awareness marketing and sales campaign that involved a Club Open Day event. With the support of one of our on-site teams at CFM, the event was a huge success.

At the heart of the event's success were Mike and Sophia, who had two goals in mind. Firstly, the focus was on attracting new, long-term members to the club. Secondly, the goal was to craft an event for the enjoyment of current members, building on the existing community culture in the club. Fit24’s Club Open Day embodied this approach by offering an engaging atmosphere featuring a live DJ, refreshments, supplement promotions, and more. This vibrant setting not only engaged existing members but also encouraged them to share the experience with friends and family, fostering a sense of togetherness.


The foundation of a successful event like this lies in the preparation and strategic promotion. While many fitness establishments have attempted similar events, the key distinction often lies in effectively amplifying the event's reach and offering appealing incentives. These incentives can range from enticing giveaways to the presence of a notable figure or engaging competitions, all of which contribute to generating interest and participation.


Equally significant is the comprehensive promotion of the event across diverse platforms, ensuring it reaches a wide audience. Staff involvement in sharing event details is equally essential, utilising personal connections to enhance visibility.

We work with many types of businesses in the fitness industry, including Hotel Health Clubs such as Inspirations where we recently completed a successful campaign.

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