Black Friday Sale: 38 new gym members at Oceans Health & Fitness

Oceans Health & Fitness nailed their Black Friday Sale at the end of November last year, signing up 38 new long-term members across 2 days, resulting in gross membership revenue of over £33,000. For anyone looking for inspiration for similar results from their marketing in 2023, this article could be worth a read!


So how did Oceans do it?

Jonny Packard one of our Business Development Managers explains the approach. “When it comes to Black Friday advertising, our teams know that we need to do something special to stand out amongst the crowd. We steer away from the more traditional offers like ‘pay nothing until next year’ so that we can generate immediate revenue during the campaign. At Oceans Health & Fitness we combined a good value membership package with an exciting giveaway for everyone that joined across the two days. The giveaway is strategically chosen for its marketing appeal and financial return based on the overall lifetime value of the membership.

Our marketing teams focus on building hype around the giveaway, with a strong focus on creative social media video content. We leverage club staff in our photos and videos as opposed to paid models as these guys are relatable to the local audience and are the face of the business. Subsequently, this helps with trust when the prospect visits the club and recognises one of the staff members from the advertising.”

Katie who is group manager of Oceans said, “I highly recommend CFM as they always bring in a significant number of members, are very professional and have a great presence on site and on social media”.

This Black Friday offer was one small part of a 7-week marketing campaign which in total resulted in 375 new members joining. At CFM, we also assist clubs with creative marketing campaigns throughout the year and are unique in the industry with our short, high impact campaigns designed to attract new joiners quickly.  Many clubs use us in addition to their regular marketing efforts for an annual injection of new members.

To find out more about how we work, grab an info pack here or call our Business Development Managers Jonny or Harry on 0115 777 3333.