Romans Leisure Club, Sketchley Grange Hotel attracts 229 new members in just 6 weeks

If you're looking for a shining example of a well-managed health club, look no further than Romans Leisure Club within Sketchley Grange Hotel. Under the management of Kate Darby, the club has a luxurious feel, an excellent range of facilities, and a fantastic team of fitness professionals. It is one of the best-equipped gyms in Hinckley.

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In September of this year, Romans took a fresh approach to its marketing strategy by partnering with us to reach those in the untapped local market.


The results of this innovative campaign were exceptional. A total of 229 new members enthusiastically embraced the 'health awareness' offer, with 75 additional members signing up on the club's standard rates. Romans decision to collaborate with us, paid off brilliantly. Speaking on behalf of CFM, Jonny Packard expressed our approach, stating, "In the post-pandemic era, health has become a top priority for people, making it an opportune time for fitness businesses to promote themselves. The key is understanding your target market and delivering the right message – this is what we excel at in CFM."


In the realm of marketing, it's not just the message that matters; it's also the frequency of exposure. Many potential clients require multiple encounters with a message before acting. Synchronising traditional methods of marketing with digital is crucial in achieving results like these. At CFM we typically activate at least 10 different marketing mediums during a campaign including Facebook, LinkedIn, outdoor signage, Instagram, community outreach, and events to name a few. Incorporating social proof into marketing efforts can further nudge hesitant prospects toward taking that important first step. Tools such as Google and Facebook reviews, as well as image and video-based social proof are all effective in building interest and trust in brands.


Kate Darby, Health and Spa Manager at Romans, shared her thoughts about partnering with us, saying, “The hotel management company decided to get CFM in to boost our membership base. The campaign reached out to a wide audience through multiple marketing exposures and encouraged new members on the long-term membership alongside our own sales being higher than average.”   


The campaign at Romans Leisure Club’s was seamless, with James and Rob our marketing and sales team becoming integral members of the club's team, managing the entire campaign on-site including the membership tours, sign-ups and associated administration.


If you'd like to discover more about the strategies behind our campaigns, grab a free info pack here or get in touch with Harry or Jonny at 0115 777 3333.