If you’re looking for fresh ways to drive membership sales at your gym or health club, you might like to read this article.


Forest Hills Leisure Club recently completed a marketing campaign with us which resulted in 581 new members joining the club during an 8-week period. The highlight of this campaign was the ‘Open Day’ where 76 new members joined on one day!




So how did we do it?


Building and retaining momentum was essential to the success of this campaign. Word of mouth spreads quickly so with any sales campaign it is important to create a buzz from the get-go and ensure the ‘early adopters’ (those keen beans who nab the offer as soon as it’s announced) have a great experience with your club. This includes the full process from the targeted marketing to the first meeting of club staff, right through to their first day using the club. Keeping this momentum going through the campaign is vital, which can be achieved through using new customer testimonials and reviews in promotional material, as well as one-off giveaways designed to generate buzz around the brand.


At CFM we have worked with over 1,000 gyms and health clubs in the UK and internationally. During this time, we've learned that the skills and experience of the front-line team is crucial to the success of the campaigns. Speaking with Jonny Packard from CFM, “Nowadays, it is very easy to find a digital agency who will provide you with sales leads. Unfortunately, however, many clubs in the UK don’t have the budget for a full-time salesperson, so the ‘tour’ is often left to the receptionist or personal trainers who may lack the skills or motivation to ‘close the sale’. This can result in many ‘wasted’ leads.” During the 8 weeks, 475 members joined the promotional campaign, with an additional 106 joining the club's regular membership offering.


Club Manager Lindsey Plant commented, “This is our fourth promotion with CFM, the second within 18 months and yet again we have been blown away by the response to the campaign. Running the CFM campaigns has been the best thing we have done to increase our membership base. We wouldn’t have been able to run a campaign on the same scale ourselves.”


Many clubs find using CFM a great complement to their ongoing marketing as we provide both the marketing and the sales staff during the 6 – 8 week campaigns.


To find out if your club is suitable for a CFM campaign, request an information pack here or call Jonny or Harry on 0115 777 3333.