Intershape Fitness: How they broke through the clutter on their recent marketing campaign.

In the busy fitness landscape of Colne and Skipton, where budget and independent gyms compete for attention, Intershape has been successful in navigating the competitive terrain. Last month at CFM, we managed a 6-week strategic campaign at Intershapes' two sites, ushering in a wave of new members to increase their recurring direct debit income by over £2,000 per month!

Intershapes editorial image

For years, Intershape has grappled with the challenge of standing out amid stiff competition. In an environment where waiting for members to stroll in is not an option, proactive marketing becomes the key to success. 

Mags, the owner of Intershape, reflects on the recent campaign. "Mike and Sophia were excellent! We are really pleased. Thank you. Mike handled literally everything, so we didn't need to do anything, and he answered any questions we had. It ran seamlessly, and we couldn't sing his praises enough. The gym staff and all the members loved having them there too."

One of our Business Development Managers, Jonny Packard, sheds light on the unique challenges that independent gyms face in comparison to industry giants like PureGym and Gym Group. "Independent gyms don't have the luxury that the big brands do, which spend hundreds of thousands on marketing across their locations. At CFM, we know how to penetrate the market and get our message out there without spending unsustainable amounts on marketing. We focus on the activation of creative, hyper-personalized, and engaging marketing, which has the bonus of stimulating organic and word-of-mouth advertising."

One of our capable onsite teams handled every aspect of the campaign, allowing Intershape to reap the rewards without the burden of additional workload. This collaborative effort resulted in not only attracting new members but also fostering a positive atmosphere within the gym community.

As the fitness industry evolves, the need for innovative and targeted marketing becomes increasingly vital. We understand this dynamic landscape, and our strategies are tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by each gym. For Intershape, the recent campaign was not just a short-term marketing endeavour; it was a catalyst for growth, where the club will benefit from increased awareness in the local market for the months and possibly years ahead.

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