Springhill Leisure Club get 356 new members in 7 weeks: Health Awareness Campaign

If you would like new members for your health club or gym, this article may pique your interest. Springhill Leisure Club recently completed a membership promotion which saw 356 new long-term members sign up on the offer and 129 members sign up on the club’s regular membership packages.




So how did they do it?


The success of this campaign came down to a combination of a strategically designed marketing offering coupled with a well-refined membership sales process, focussing on uncovering the prospects ‘emotional driver’ or ‘why’. Not only did the campaign include digital marketing, but it was also complemented with a range of other mediums such as direct mail, outdoor signage, community, and corporate outreach.


The campaign was managed by two of our fitness consultants Conan and Richard over a period of 7 weeks. They managed the Health Awareness campaign at the club and were responsible for greeting, touring, and signing up the new members. At CFM we have over 30 years’ experience in fitness marketing both in the UK, and internationally.


Harry Ainslie one of our business development managers provides some insight into why our campaigns are so successful. “One reason we join so many members in such a short period of time is that our teams typically achieve a close rate of up to 85%, compared with a lot of clubs who may only join 10-20% of leads. We spend a lot of time on sales training with our staff. Our sales process isn’t what you might find in a typical gym where staff focus on showing off the Unique Selling Points of the club such as swanky new equipment, designer changing rooms or a hip café. Rather our teams spend time chatting with the prospect, building rapport and trust. They ask the right questions to help the prospect cement their fitness goals and uncover their ‘why’ behind these goals (such as having energy to keep up with their kids or to feel confident on the beach). This gives the prospect perspective, and a strong motivation to get started. The key behind all of this, is the genuine care that our staff have for the prospects to make a positive change to their lifestyles.” 


Springhill Club Manager Michael said “this is my fifth campaign with CFM. It’s a great way of getting new memberships through the door!”


Many clubs find using CFM a great complement to their ongoing marketing as we upfront the marketing costs for the campaign, taking away any risk to the club.


To find out if your club is suitable for a CFM campaign, grab an information pack here or call Jonny or Harry on 0115 777 3333.