236 new members in 6 weeks during the marketing campaign at Everybody's Gym

Everybody’s is a gym for everybody! They are an independent family-owned gym and for over 25 years have been proudly supporting their local community with their fitness and nutrition goals.


They pride themselves on providing a community where everybody feels welcome. Adam & Kate Jones are the proud owners who took over the business in 2018. They have many fantastic member testimonies on their website and social media which speaks volumes.

Their main focus is on their members, and ensuring they feel comfortable, and welcome and get results which is an important factor in their high rate of retention.

Like many small business owners, Adam wears many hats including manager, personal trainer, social media manager, bookkeeper and more. Adam runs various marketing activities throughout the year including corporate outreach and social media marketing, however, he finds great value in outsourcing some of these functions so he can focus on other aspects of his business.

Everybody’s engaged us for the first time back in 2003 when we signed up 257 new members to the club.  Since then, we've completed a further 11 campaigns with over 2,400 members enrolled.

He finds the combination of his own regular marketing efforts and our high-impact 6-week campaigns allows him to achieve the necessary growth in his business. 

Over the years the campaigns have produced steady results, however the most recent campaign has been a standout. During the 6-week campaign, we signed up 236 long-term members to Everybodys, over and above their regular monthly targets. When speaking with Business Development Manager Harry Ainslie about these results he said, “Despite the increased competition in the market, at CFM we have implemented innovative marketing methods to produce results that are better than ever. Many of the repeat campaigns we are managing are breaking records in terms of member numbers. With a combination of traditional, digital, and even AI technology we have been able to maximise results for our clients in 2023.”

In speaking with Adam from Everybodys, he had this to say “I have worked with CFM many times and I am always blown away by the work ethic and ability of the team to fit right in with staff. Conan and Georgia had some great ideas, which they executed really well and made the campaign a success.”

At CFM we provide our services to any location in the UK and Ireland. To find out more about what we offer, check out our website www.cfm.net, or call Jonny or Harry on 0115 777 3333.