Lifestyle Health & Leisure club – marketing campaign results in direct debit income increase of £1,800 monthly.

Are you a gym or health club owner and looking for ways to increase your monthly income?


Perhaps you’ve tried various in-house marketing campaigns in the past with mixed results. Or maybe you’ve worked with external agencies but haven’t yet found the right one. At Lifestyle they tried a slightly different approach with one of our integrated marketing and sales campaigns. This resulted in an increase in their monthly membership income of £1,800 in only 5 weeks.


Marks Tey

 Like many clubs in the UK currently, they’ve been affected by inflation and increased overheads. As a result, prior to this campaign, the club had been taking actions to increase income, including implementing a price increase on their memberships. Despite this, they knew they needed to do more to build up their income.

Speaking with one of our team Jonny Packard on how the campaigns work, “our marketing strategy has been developed and fine-tuned over 34 years in the industry, and nothing is left to chance.” He goes on to talk about the book ‘The science of persuasion’ by Robert Cialdini.

“It talks about the importance of social proof in the decision-making process. ‘When people relate to those around them (due to gender, class, race, shared interests, and other commonalities) they mimic each other’s behaviour with greater care.’ Hence during this campaign, there was an emphasis on using real-life customer feedback in the advertising creatives. A variety of written, image and video-based customer testimonials were used from a range of different people. This was an extremely effective way to deliver the message to the local market and get them to take action.”

This theory can also be applied to the sales process. Where possible and appropriate, a quick introduction to a current member is included in the club tour. As well as helping with converting the sale, this often helps a new member feel more comfortable in the club. It can also help to build a friendly and community culture within the club, where people are more open to interacting with both staff and fellow members. Of course, this is only possible when the sales consultants have a good level of rapport with members.              

To find out more about how our campaigns works, grab an information pack here or call Harry or Jonny on 0115 777 3333.