Q&A with Daryl Cygler - Smartphone Video Marketer

Daryl Cygler is a Smartphone Video Marketer with over 15 years’ experience in the industry. As a training provider for Digital Marketing Company Jellyfish, Daryl is an expert in his field.

What are your top 3 tips to novice filing/producing a marketing video for their business?

  • Understand the best camera for video is the one you have on you.
  • Understand that you have a TV production studio in your pocket.
  • Capture the moments that reflect you and your business. People do business with people.

Do you have any specific tips for those in the health & fitness industry?

Sales - Ensure you have a sales funnel in place so as all your messaging, no matter what platform, what style is delivered to one location that gets people into your sales funnel.

Systems - Businesses thrive on making money and saving money. Implement systems so you can save time. Saving time saves you and the business money.

Status - Status is all about you, your beliefs, your business, your results, your customers and your community. Share the message. People connect on a personal level. Different conversations create different connections. But what should you share?

  1. Personal Story / Personal Philosophy / Beliefs / Lifestyle
  2. Authority / Value / PR / Celebrity
  3. Results / Training / Process / Method
  4. Pain / Problem
  5. Testimonials / Case Studies

Share it with Video.

Video - You engage with video. Consumers engage with video. So why as a business are you not making video? Get started and keep things simple. Imperfect action is still action and action is progress. The sooner you choose to embrace it, it will put you and your business ahead of your time and your competitors.

You can find out more about Smartphone video marketing here: https://smartphonevideo.marketing/